An Ode to Blockade
How thrilling to work for a company this small.
How cool when the CEO's just down the hall.
How nice when you're working till well after four
and a client calls in to complain even more.
This business was built on our boss's big plan.
Investors respect such a clever young man.
As long as he's meek and as long as he's nice
they may keep him around if he takes their advice.
Those happy investors can manage things right.
They give us more money when things get too tight.
And then when our boss won't agree any more
they reward him by kicking his ass out the door.
Our business direction is starting to shift
and our shiny new branding will sure give a lift.
But no one can fathom our product's new scope.
With thousands of features it might have some hope.
That glossy new product is now overdue.
It seems no one wants what our software can do.
Our efforts are going to grind to a halt
and the reason is now the Developers' fault.
But now our new boss has some wonderful news:
a business down south will resolve all our blues.
They've made us an offer that no one could beat
and then seven days hence we're all out on the street.
Oh why do those thoughts only live in the past?
The wonderful times of your life never last.
The fun that we had there was always first-rate.
The booze that we drank and the wings that we ate!
However, the passage of time can't erase
all those wonderful friends I can't ever replace.