Good riddance to this ghastly place,
the people rude, the manners coarse,
desperate mothers out in force
to thrust their daughters in my face.
That perky girl was rather rough.
Her mode of speech left all enraged;
with every look a battle waged.
But I'll forget her soon enough.
It's time to leave, and not too soon.
Get back to comfort, city style,
anxious to savour life awhile
This quick escape is opportune.
A fine cigar, a drawn-out puff
sipping vermouth and London gin.
That girl just wouldn't quite fit in,
so I'll forget her soon enough.
I'll have the ladies at my feet,
the foxes breaking down my door;
the kind of life I'd hungered for.
Who says my world is incomplete?
I'll watch the women strut their stuff,
and relish their distaff buffet,
if only this unease gives way,
and I forget her soon enough.